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See How Dental Scanners Can Improve Your Dental Care in Manassas, VA

Dentist visits are reputed to not always be enjoyable, and no one knows that like Kay Dental Care in Manassas, VA. That’s why we are dedicated to a caring, comfortable approach to dentistry, offering premier resources to minimize pain and improve outcomes. Instead of relying on old, outdated technologies to address your dental needs, we utilize dental scanners and cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT, to improve our examination and diagnosis process, guaranteeing you a thorough exam with every appointment.

3D Imaging Opportunities

Most dental offices use standard 2D X-rays, utilizing decades-old technology to attempt to diagnose issues and examine the true state of your mouth. However, these tactics are largely outdated, providing an inaccurate picture that can result in misdiagnoses. Additionally, traditional X-rays can fail to show problems in the early stages, leaving dentists without a good opportunity to detect problems before they get worse.

In an effort to give the best possible service to our patients, Kay Dental Care utilizes innovative 3D dental scanners designed to provide the most accurate information possible. Offering a full-scale reproduction of the mouth, our dentists are able to explore every crack and crevice.

TRIOS® – Fast & Easy

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The Benefits of Digital X-Ray Scanners

Digital scanners offer numerous benefits to both doctors and patients alike, providing more accurate imaging for the best possible care. With improved imaging, we are able to evaluate challenging conditions in more detail and plan a higher caliber of treatment, ensuring no stone goes unturned.

Digital scanners offer other benefits in addition to increased accuracy and better prognostic outcomes. Wireless 3D scanners use lower radiation levels, reducing the risk to patient health, and are completely painless. The process is quick and easy, lasting just minutes. Results are available immediately, allowing you and your doctor to review your condition as soon as possible.


The frenum is the thick tissue that connects your upper lip and your gums. In some cases, the tissue may be too long, extending through your front two teeth. Frenectomies are low-risk, low-impact surgery that removes this tissue, ceasing further damage. This procedure is usually done at an early age and heals rather quickly. Sometimes further orthodontic work is needed to fix the space created by the frenum. Occasionally gum tissue can grow, covering the teeth and creating problems. A Gingivectomy is needed to eliminate this growth of gingiva, restoring the teeth to their original display. Both these procedures are now conducted with lasers for a more precise, safer, and easier to heal operation.

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Proposed Treatment Brought to Life

Would you like to know what your teeth will look like after orthodontic care? Do you want to see a custom treatment plan in real life?

With 3D scanners, it’s now possible to map your trajectory before care begins. For example, patients receiving braces or Invisalign can see how their teeth will change over time through the use of advanced technology, instilling confidence and alleviating concerns over the course of care. Patients can learn more about problem areas in brushing and flossing, spots to watch for in future preventative care visits, whitening capabilities, and so much more. With dental scanners, the possibilities are essentially limitless.

When you want the best care possible, Kay Dental Care in Manassas, VA, wants to help. 3D dental scanners are the future of medicine and can provide world-class experiences for each and every patient.

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